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Song For Her

———————- Be my lozenge My pollution Be my problems My solutions Be my burden Suspended by balloons Be my taxi That arrives too soon Be my ocean Always waving B & Q Crazy paving Be my ache My constant sorrow My reason to lie in late tomorrow Be the smile that lights this beaten face … Continue reading »

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Baby, I was born a ramblin’ man…

Once a year I throw a guitar and suitcase into the van and head for the glorious Somerset town of Glastonbury to take in the waters, recharge my batteries, and hang out with some of the most wonderful (and downright bonkers) people on Earth.  This is the view from Wearyall Hill, overlooking the town. You … Continue reading »

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Moving In Blues

The couple in the flat above were going at it like a Viking blacksmith.Bob tossed a can of lager in my direction, I caught it with one hand and settled back onto his couch. It foamed as I opened it. He’d been here two months, I’d just made the 200 mile journey over with the … Continue reading »

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Too Dark.

“It’s too dark”, he offered, throwing the manuscript down onto the desk to land with a satisfying ooomph. “Too dark? How can it be TOO dark? It’s just what happened, no more, no less”. Jerry rose from the desk, moved over to the window and opened it before half perching on the sill and lighting … Continue reading »

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Watch “Sean Keefe – Ferret – 09 Oct – 01” on YouTube

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