”Tremendous!”Danny Baker, Radio 5 Live

“Keefe is immediately interesting to watch – a natural performer, both as a storytelling comedian and a musician” – Paul Richards

“Art in its purest form”– Johnny Vegas

Militant hat wearer, slide guitarist, Strumstick player, comedy yarner and genre-mash novelist Sean Keefe – brings along his own version of honky-tonk Americana” – Dann Chinn, Misfit City

To date, Sean Keefe is the only person ever to appear on the TV show Countdown while wearing a hat, and the only man ever to navigate the entire 42 – mile length of the Lancaster Canal in a Pedalo, stopping off to play a gig at every venue along the way.

“The first time I placed a slide upon my little finger and dragged it along some steel strings, I knew that this was all I wanted to hear for the rest of my life“. Since then, he’s been living up to the great blues tradition, playing his brand of fingerpicked slide guitar wherever he goes, rooted in the great rock n roll music that he loves, and the folk and blues that it came from.

Going from playing wherever he can get a beer and something to eat to prestigious venues up and down the country, Sean’s been picking the blues and bringing his own unique style to every show, and has recently supported acts such as Evan Dando, Thunder, and Martin  Barre Of Jethro Tull.  You’re as likely to hear a Lightnin’ Hopkins acoustic workout as you are to hear a Jazz version of the Star Wars Cantina Theme, as likely to hear a Springsteen – esque ballad as a reel written in the appalachian Mountains before your Grandfather was even born. And using only a Battered Taylor guitar or a handmade Strumstick, Sean continually reinvents and reinterprets his own music in a manner that you’ll struggle to stop your foot tapping along to.

Sean Keefe at Live, Guild Hall, Preston, Lancashire, England, UK
6 November 2017 (c) David Toase Photography

As well as the three albums he’s released, those who’ve seen a show will know that Sean’s a gifted and engaging storyteller, and he’s also released three books (one of poetry and short stories, and two novels), all of which are available at gigs, the “Shop” page,  and through Amazon.

 When he’s not following the road with his acoustic guitar on his back, he’s also to be found on guitar duty in long – running Preston sax & soul band The Champagne Nippers, and as one half of El Diableros, a duo founded with Rich Illot of Volkerfirma, pioneering a genre of blues and electronic music they’ve dubbed “Electronicana”. And if that’s not enough, the two of them also form half of the Hostages, a group described by one satisfied punter at Preston’s prestigious Ferret venue as “the greatest bar band in the world, FACT”.


Many people sing about wanting to live the “ramblin’ man” travelling musician lifestyle, but that is exactly what he has been doing, winning over a devoted audience in the process.” – David Rose, Ark Preston

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