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We have a BRAND NEW video, “Bonedaddy”.

We had a great time at Preston’s legendary Ferret in October, and someone captured the whole set on camera:

A Couple of years ago I cycled from Edinburgh to Lancashire with nothing but a guitar and tent on my back, then hopped into a pedalo and went the length of the Lancaster Canal, playing a tour along the way. The whole journey took a week, raised a lot of money to help cancer support, and thanks to brother Rich Ilott of The Hostages, we filmed it and made ourselves a MOVIE:

…and here’s part 2, featuring the Hostages, alongside many others:

Beer and whiskey may well lead you into situations that spiral beyond your control:

Hey, here’s a rootsy little DIY promo we did for ‘Evil Twin’: 



Here’s a late night, closed bar, ten beer slide version of “Holy Water”:


Here’s a nice one with The Hostages celebrating the great Tom Waits at a tribute gig in pre – beard days. Had to scribble some tricky lyrics on a beer mat 30 seconds before “1,2,3,4….”


And finally, d’you wanna play guitar like I do? Look over here, my friend, all will be revealed: 

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