40 Things: Go the length of the Lancaster Canal in a pedalo…

Posted by on December 28, 2013

…while playing a rock n roll tour along the way.


Yep,  did it. 42 miles, pedalling all the way (if I stopped, so did the pedalo). Carried nothing but a guitar and change of clothes. Cycled to the start of the canal at Tewetfield from Edinburgh beforehand. Took three days. Hurt like hell. Raised a lot of dough to help fight cancer, played a metric fucktonne of songs everywhere I went. Drank a lot of coffee, and ate my own body weight in bacon butties. Filmed the whole thing, made a movie of it all, and you can watch the whole thing in the ‘videos’ section above.

For now though, let’s let pictures say it all better than I ever could….











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